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Written and oral exams will take place in person, in compliance with safety and distancing rules. 

Waivers on the in-person exam requirement are only granted to students

  • on an international mobility programme, who should take exams at the University of Milan while attending courses at the host university;
  • residing in countries with health or cross-border travel restrictions.

To apply for a waiver, send an e-mail to the course lead instructor and the Head of the Study Programme, using the self-certification form available online and attaching a copy of an identity document.

2022/23 exam sessions
  • 12 to 21 December 2022, 1 exam session
  • 9 January to 22 February 2023, 3 exam sessions
  • 22 May to 28 July 2023, 3 exam sessions
  • 1 to 22 September 2023, 2 exam sessions

Dates may change, please check regularly for any updates.

All information on the University website 

  • Requirements to sit course exams and other verification test
  • Exams - What do you have to bring with you
  • Register for an exam
  • Exams results
  • Exams record and registration in the student's academic record
  • Exams - new attivation
Contacts and assistance

Contact Registrar for problems related to exams registration and record

Exams calendar and registration

To register for exams or verify correct registration, students can:

  • access the online exams registration service
  • access the "Exams and course evaluation" section through UNIMIA

When registering for an exam, students may be asked to fill in the Course Evaluation Questionnaire.

Registrations for exam sessions start fifteen days before the date set, not including Saturdays, Sundays and any holidays. The deadline for registrations is five days before the exam, not including Saturdays, Sundays and any holidays. 

When registering for an exam, students are asked to express their personal opinion on the teaching quality of the course attended by answering to an online survey

  • each course requires a single survey to be filled preferably  before the course ending date
  • Completion of the survey is mandatory in order to register to the exam
  • Complete anonymity is guaranteed

There are no exam sessions for the selected period.

There are no exam sessions for the selected period.

There are no exam sessions for the selected period.